Feature highlights

Customize pricing, create flexible subscriptions, and let Revloop do the rest.

Subscription management
Get a unified view of all your subscriptions with our subscription management solution. You’ll always know what’s going on with a subscription.
Adjustable prices
Increase customer retention by adjusting the prices that match the customer needs.
Switch plans seamlessly
Switch plans any time during the billing period with no interruptions to the subscription.
Discounts for the loyal
Reward loyal customers with a discount.
Flexible pricing models
Create a plan with confidence using pricing components. Prices can be built with the level of granularity that best suits your business.
Customizable billing frequency
You can customize your frequency to suit your needs.
Tax profiles
Create a tax profile that holds all the different tax rates each country has for your product.
General ledger codes
Keeping up with accounting is as easy as adding a ledger code.
Fixed pricing
Charge your customer the same amount with every cycle.
One-time fees
Have different fees that are charged? Set it up with a one-time fee.
Usage pricing
With volume, stairstep, tiered, and formula-based pricing, you can create plans that truly represent your product.
Recurring billing

Start collecting recurring payments using our automated invoicing and payment emails. Simply create a subscription with a customer and you’re all set. Your customer will be sent an invoice every period with the amount due with the option to pay the amount if they have yet set up their payment method.

Even more
Recurring invoicing
Send automated invoices based on the specific billing cycle. No more rigid monthly cycles. Combine subscriptions & send one invoice for those who have more than one subscription.
Multi-user SaaS
Manage your subscriptions and billing with a team. Monitor progress and keep up-to-date with customer usages and needs.
Dunning management
Keep track of failed payments and reclaim revenue. With our automatic dunning emails, customers are notified prior to and after when a payment is due.
Payment gateway configuration
Start accepting payments by selecting one of our payment gateways.
Tax configurations
Create taxes that cover cities, regions, and countries. Let us help you keep organized with our tax profiles.
Elevate your subscription and billing
Start with ease. Give Revloop a try.